North Rhine-Westphalia

 North Rhine-Westphalia

Düsseldorf – vibrant metropolis on the Rhine

Welcome to Düsseldorf, where the Rhineland way of life meets cosmopolitan flair. The beauty of the banks of the Rhine, sophisticated shopping facilities, the quaint old town, exciting architecture and a thriving economy make the city a highly attractive place to live.

The atmosphere in Düsseldorf is characterised by a harmonious combination of urbanity and Rhineland vitality - and not just during the carnival celebrations. With its impressive Rhine promenade, extensive parks such as Hofgarten and lively districts, the city on the Rhine offers an exciting setting that combines both relaxation and urban flair. Düsseldorf’s residents value the high quality of life that they enjoy in terms of excellent infrastructure, a wide range of cultural and leisure events as well as the openness and hospitable nature that can be felt in the city.

Our current new-build projects in Düsseldorf and the surrounding region
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Niederkasseler Lohweg
Sustainable living with urban flair
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Schumanns Höhe
Living for Longevity
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Wohnen im Hochfeld Scholle 4
Detached houses and semi-detached houses
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Halle 17
fascinatingly authentic
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Wohnen im Hochfeld Scholle 3
Owner-occupied apartments & terraced houses

City of fashion and media

The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, located in the centre of the well-connected Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with around 14 million inhabitants and other major cities such as Cologne, Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg, is a fascinating location with an impressive variety of architectural masterpieces and cultural institutions. The Media Harbour, with its futuristic buildings by Frank Gehry, symbolises the modern development of the city and stands in stark contrast to the historic old town. Düsseldorf is not only known for its art and fashion events, but also for its lively programme of events, ranging from Japan Day with the largest Japanese fireworks display outside Japan to international sports competitions.

A city with many faces

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Rhineland specialities

The city on the Rhine is home to the "longest bar in the world" - a term used to describe the high density of Altbier pubs, bars and restaurants in the old town. Königsallee, or "Kö" for short, is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in Europe, offering not only shopping options but also a picturesque setting with its magnificent city canal.

Culture and art

Düsseldorf is known for its lively art scene, especially the Academy of Fine Arts and the K20 and K21 art collections. The city also celebrates the annual Rhine Fair, one of the largest public festivals in Germany, and the Long Night of Museums, which highlights Düsseldorf's cultural diversity. Düsseldorf is also known as a "sports city" with around 300,000 active sports enthusiasts.

Top address for business

Düsseldorf is an important business location with a strong presence in sectors such as fashion, finance and telecommunications. With numerous international companies, a well-developed trade fair and congress centre and a first-class infrastructure, the city offers the best conditions for achieving business success and professional development..