Living at the cutting edge - in Leipzig

Leipzig combines historical charm with a lively, modern flair and offers a rich history, diverse districts and an urban lifestyle - an ideal place for your new home.

The attitude to life in Leipzig is defined by a dynamic mix of cultural diversity, historical depth and a lively young scene. The city, often referred to as the "new Berlin", radiates a creative energy that is reflected in its numerous galleries, bookshops and thriving music and art scene. Leipzig's historical significance as a trade fair and book city as well as the site of the peaceful revolution lends it a unique character that harmoniously combines tradition and progress. The green spaces and waterways, in particular Clara Zetkin Park and the Karl Heine Canal, offer a haven of peace in the midst of urban bustle. This contrast between the up-and-coming city life and the quiet retreats, combined with a strong sense of community and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, defines the special attitude to life in Leipzig. There is good reason why Leipzig has the most dynamic population growth of all major German cities.

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A former military base complex in new glory
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Parkstadt Leipzig
In harmony with nature- Parkstadt Leipzig

Economic and cultural metropolis with 1,000 years of history

Leipzig - the heart of the metropolitan region of Central Germany - impresses visitors and over 600,000 residents with its rich cultural heritage and a lively contemporary scene that gives the city a unique feel. Its historical importance as a trading city is reflected in the picturesque arcades and courtyards that invite you to stroll and explore. Cultural highlights such as the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Leipzig Opera offer top-class musical performances, while the Bach Museum and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations allow visitors to immerse themselves in history. Leipzig's art scene is very much at home in the Baumwollspinnerei, a former industrial complex that now houses studios, galleries and cultural spaces.

One of Germany's liveliest cities

An up-and-coming city: buy your property in Leipzig or the surrounding area to lay the foundations for a good life.

Urban living

Leipzig enchants visitors with its Clara Zetkin Park, a thriving cultural and creative scene and excellent transport links that combine urban life with the pleasures of nature. The city's culinary delights include regional specialities such as Leipziger Lerchen, a sweet pastry that combines tradition and indulgence.

Music and literature

Leipzig, the city of music and books, honours its cultural heritage with the annual Bach Festival and the Leipzig Book Fair, which is one of the most important literary events in the world. The city has a lively cultural scene, ranging from the historic Gewandhaus Orchestra tradition to contemporary art festivals such as the Wave Gothic Meeting.

Rapidly growing business centre

As one of the most dynamic business locations in eastern Germany, Leipzig has developed into an important logistics centre, supported by its central location and the expansion of Leipzig/Halle freight airport. The city also has a growing media and creative industry and start-up scene and is an important trade fair centre. Also worth a mention is the renowned University of Leipzig.