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Bavaria North

Easy living in Nuremberg

Discover a city that not only creates spaces, but also life stories. Find out why the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is not only a good place to live, but also a perfect place to live.

Nuremberg, a city rich in history and modernity, is the ideal place to shape your future. Here, quality of life and tradition form an unrivalled combination. Surrounded by a charming old town, numerous cultural attractions and green oases, an apartment in Nuremberg offers more than just a roof over your head. Here you can feel the vibrant heartbeat of history in its cobbled streets and experience modern city life in its trendy quarters.

Our current new-build projects in Nuremberg and the surrounding area
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Marina Bricks
Classy and cosy: living in Marina Bricks Regensburg
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Your refuge in the Fuchsgärten in Nuremberg-Boxdorf
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Furnished apartments in centre of Nuremberg
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Your own private cosmos - Seetor City Campus

The city of gingerbread and toys

Nuremberg, with around 550,000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in Bavaria and the cultural and economic centre of northern Bavaria, and offers an incomparable charm. With our attractive building projects in Nuremberg, you can experience this every day. Discover historical treasures on a stroll through the picturesque old town and discover the city's rich history, which is reflected in medieval buildings such as the impressive Imperial Castle, city walls and the world-famous Nuremberg Christmas Market. From traditional bratwurst and original Nuremberg gingerbread to innovative Michelin-starred cuisine - the culinary scene is a true feast for gourmets.

A city that is alive

A city with history and a future: buy your property in Nuremberg or the surrounding area to lay the foundations for a good life.

High quality of life

Enjoy a perfect work-life balance in Nuremberg. With numerous nature parks, a visit to the zoo, one of the most beautiful landscape zoos in Europe, and countless other leisure activities, with excellent transport links, e.g. to nearby Munich.

Wide range of cultural activities

Nuremberg is home to a lively cultural scene, ranging from traditional events to historical and contemporary art and a museum of the future. Famous artists, such as Albrecht Dürer, were active in Nuremberg and their works still characterise the cultural life of the city today.

Economic centre

As an important regional business centre, the Nuremberg region is home to many large companies and offers a wide range of opportunities for professional success. Many family businesses and innovative SMEs are also based here and contribute to the stability and innovative strength of the city's economy.