Frankfurt am Main - a financial metropolis with flair

Welcome to the heart of Europe. Frankfurt is fascinating - with its impressive skyline, cultural diversity and global economic significance. The perfect place for your new home or property investment.

Frankfurt am Main, a city with many faces, combines the world-famous banking district and its imposing skyline with the idyllic old town, where half-timbered houses and winding alleyways exude a sense of history and cosiness. The contrast between a modern business location and a traditional cityscape, between the hustle and bustle of business life and the tranquillity of the Palmengarten or the banks of the Main, are what make Frankfurt a great place to live. Despite its global relevance as a financial centre, the city retains a surprising small-town atmosphere in which cosmopolitan flair and local charm blend perfectly.

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Frankfurt on the main
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Frankfurt on the main

Living in “Mainhatten“

Frankfurt am Main, also known as "Little Big Apple" because of its skyline, which is unique in Germany, combines the busy financial world with rich cultural diversity and historical significance. The city not only boasts one of the world's most important stock exchanges, but also has cosy "Apfelwein" pubs. Order some specialities such as "Handkäs mit Musik" or "Frankfurter Grüne Soße" to go with your drink - you can't get any more Frankfurt than that. In addition, the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region also includes such scenic regions as the Rheingau, famous for its wine-growing, and the hilly region of Taunus.

Germany’s most international city

A home with prospects: buy your property in Frankfurt or the Rhine-Main region to lay the foundations for a good life.

Culinary specialities

Frankfurt's small market hall offers specialities from all over the world. Enjoy the diversity of Frankfurt, from relaxing moments in the city's ramparts to a wide range of leisure activities and excellent national and international transport links.

A melting pot of cultures

Frankfurt is famous for its book fair, the largest in the world, and its vibrant theatre scene, including the Alte Oper and Schauspiel Frankfurt. The city is also home to a wide range of international festivals and exhibitions that bring global culture to the metropolis on the River Main.

A global and economic hub

Frankfurt is known as one of Europe's leading financial centres and is home to the European Central Bank. The city is a global hub for finance, trade fairs and the air transport industry, with the largest airport in Germany - one of the largest air traffic hubs in the world.